A New Website For Liberty City

Welcome to our brand new Liberty City website! We’d like to thank Tribe Creative NYC for their incredible work on our site, and for being a dream to work with!

Over the last six months, we’ve been doing a little soul searching: Who are we? What is our role in the urban context? How can listen well to our neighbors, and rise up to meet needs on a personal and systemic scale? What is our focus?

We’ve made decisions that we believe will help us move forward and serve with strength. We’re focusing on five key areas: Youth, Education, Anti-Human Trafficking, Mass Incarceration and Civic Engagement. Our work, our resources and our time will be focused specifically and strategically on these areas.

We chose them because we see the issues in each area, and we see the opportunities to help provide both immediate relief and long-term systemic change through multiple-sector collaboration and partnership and consistent outreach and training. We see Youth and Education as areas for us to walk alongside organizations with integrity and holistic solutions, so that we can help provide preventative solutions for issues like Human Trafficking and Mass Incarceration. We also plan to build towards immediate relief for women who domestic trafficking victims, care for women currently in the sex industry, and people who were formerly incarcerated, and presently in juvenile detention centers. We also believe every citizen can engage on a civic level, serving on community boards, in schools, and through local voting and contribution. We want to help people understand the process for involvement, and grow community participation in civic matters. As we grow over the next three to five years, we hope to increase in advocacy, and see changes at a policy level.

Our gratitude for the organizations and city leaders who have been serving New York and Brooklyn for decades cannot be summed up in one blog post, but as we look to the future, and walk humbly next to these great institutions, we look forward to seeing our city come together and lead the way for peace and reconciliation.

We’re honored to serve our communities, and look forward to serving you with content that is helpful and relevant as you desire to serve and love people. Thanks for stopping by our website! Welcome to the Liberty City family.