Conversations for Change: Race + Justice
7:00 PM19:00

Conversations for Change: Race + Justice

The whole world is talking. With all the words we hear, how often do we stop to listen, to really listen, to speak and have it matter, to enter, or start, a conversation that makes a difference? Join us for our first Conversations for Change on March 1st, and engage with us as we discuss relevant topics of our day, hot button issues, with the hopes that in Christ, we can change, and that our differences don't have to divide us, but unite us, as we seek to do justice, love mercy and walk with humility. 

On the heels of Black History Month, we invite you into an experience with God and with others, through storytelling, historical speeches and letters, inspiring photography, examining scripture, and a panel discussion, about the issue of race, and how we can combat inequality and systemic injustice in our spheres of influence.


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