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Underground Railroad & Slavery Tour

On Saturday, May 20th, at 10am for an underground railroad tour in Lower Manhattan. We want to learn more about our neighborhood and history together, and we'd love for you to join us for this incredible opportunity. Capacity is very limited, so get your tickets today

Through a tour guide from Inside Out Tours, we will visit the site of the city’s first slave market and learn about the origins of slavery in colonial New York. We'll discover the secret escapes of the Underground Railroad and view a former stop along this famous route. We will visit the African Burial Ground Memorial, a powerful tribute to the nation’s earliest known African and African American cemetery. 

Learn the exciting history of how a band of brave men and women formed the networks that became the Underground Railroad. Visit an archeological site and memorial dedicated to the memory of enslaved Africans in colonial America. View a former station of the Underground Railroad. Learn about the riots, revolts and dramatic escapes that occurred during the era of American slavery. Listen to tales of courage and triumph and discover the stories of real New Yorkers who risked their lives and properties to help people escape slavery.

We look forward to learning and growing with you! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!